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Mental Health

Mental Health

There is an argument that says: nothing is more important than your mental health.

Your mental health is ordinarily included in your general health. And so we start with your general health, and set out to maximize your mental wellbeing as well.

The best form of mental health care is proactive. That suggests there are decisions you can make today that are designed to improve outcomes for yourself and others. The bit about healthy living, healthy habits, healthy sleep, some things in moderation, and nothing to excess, applies to us all. Although they are part of the bigger picture, ongoing mental health problems often warrant attention and better access to treatment today.

Our patients are often aware of are issues. However, there are also times when our doctors suggest treatment.

The best counsellors and doctors suggest effective treatment, which is specific to the patient. We are advocates for better assessments, thought before action, effective treatment, supportive care, and a willingness to see you again. Pivotal components of our mental health programs include;

  • A willingness to assess before we do anything else
  • GP Mental Health Care Plans, at no cost to our patients with a valid Medicare Card, as  circumstances dictate
  • GP Mental Health Care Reviews at no cost to our patients with a valid Medicare Card
  • A willingness to work with local counsellors, social workers, psychologists, child psychologists and psychiatrists, and alternate health care professionals from afar
  • Timely reviews by psychiatrists, which can be local, or organised by telehealth from afar
  • A willingness to work with existing services including support services such as Lifeline, Beyond Blue, Headspace, 1 800 RESPECT, ATODS, acute mental health care teams, community mental health and other branches of Queensland Health

Unfortunately, GP Mental Health Care Plans are not something that can just be ordered, even if it is at the request of others, because;

  • There is a requirement for us to work within the guidelines
  • Your doctor must feel that they are capable and adequately resourced to deal with your ongoing needs
  • There is a requirement to ensure that GP Mental Health Care Plans are warranted, in accordance with best-practice stepped healthcare guidelines, and represent plans that make sense to patients and doctors alike
  • Medicare requires that GP Mental Health Care Plans should ordinarily be completed by your usual doctor, which may exclude a doctor who is not familiar with you
  • Doctors need to ensure that they are available to conduct ongoing mental health care reviews

GP Mental Health Care Plans are not an after-hours medical service. As a matter of policy we deal with the requirements after-hours, and suggest your usual treating doctor, or an ogoing usual doctor of your choice, should help you from there.

Unfortuantely, we cannot guarantee the same level of resources, support and continuing of care to meet requirements after-hours, as compared to ordinary business hours.

If you would like us to complete a GP Mental Health Care Plan, please let us know so that we can put a compassionate and logical set of arrangements in place at the time that you book. Depending on the circumstances, we may suggest a thorough medical assessment before anything else.