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Mulgrave Road Medical Centre
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318 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt QLD 4870  FAX: 07 4044 0445    HealthLink ID – drcairns


Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 5.00pm
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Skin Checks, Cryotherapy & Excisions

Skin Checks, Cryotherapy & Excisions

Skin Cancer Capital of the World

Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancers in Australia. Our climate and demographics make us uniquely vulnerable to skin cancer, necessitating ongoing vigilance in sun protection. 

Protection against sun cancer looks like: 

Slip on a shirt

Slop on sunscreen

Slap on a hat

Seek shade 

Slide on sunglasses

  • Download and start using the Sun Smart App from the Cancer Council Australia
  • We encourage you to check your own skin where practical, from time to time. Current guidelines recommend 3 monthly screening and annual skin cancer checks by a medical practitioner with additional training and experience.
  • However, if you are high risk, or you notice new lesions or changes to existing lesions, it is advisable to come back earlier and get checked by the doctor.

Early detection beats dealing with an even bigger problem later on down the line. We offer a full skin cancer awareness, prevention and treatment program including;

  • Assessment of individual skin lesions which are problematic from your point of view
  • Full skin checks
  • Dermatoscopy and digital imaging of individual skin lesions
  • Preventative and Therapeutic Cryotherapy 
  • Punch Biopsies
  • Skin Excisions
  • Flap and Graft Surgery  

Preparing for your Consultation

To get most out of skin cancer check, look at your skin including scalp and genital areas and note the skin lesions of particular concern that you may wish to mention to the doctor.

Please do not wear any make up, artificial tanner or nail polish and do not apply moisturiser as this can hide lesions in these locations. It is also preferable for you to have had a shower before seeing us, as dirt can hide lesions, in particular on the hand and feet areas.

It is not possible to diagnose a skin cancer where the surface has been scratched off.

Given skin cancers could be in any part of the body, a full body skin cancer check is recommended although may require a longer appointment. For a full body check, you will be asked to undress to your under garments. If you are uncomfortable to fully undress, please let the doctor know. It is not routine to check the private areas including scalp, genital region and breast region (females). If you have a lesion of concern in these areas, please discuss these with the doctor.

The doctor will use handheld skin microscope called dermatoscope to go through all lesions from head to toes.

Fees information

The Doctors on Mulgrave Road is private billing practice. The Australian Medical Association recommended rates and the costs associated with running a high-quality medical practice determines our fees.

Fees for Skin Cancer Check 



Standard consultation (up to 20 minutes)


Long consultation (more than 20 minutes)


Medicare rebates apply for consultations and procedures after the out of pocket expenses.

Fees for skin excisions 

The medicare rebate of skin cancer excision depends on type of skin cancer, location and size. There will be out of pocket flat fee of $50.00 for punch biopsy and $100.00 for standard procedure, $150.00 for flap repair surgery and $200.00 if skin graft and complex flaps are required. However, out of the pocket fee would be different if the excisions are for benign skin lesions eg. Cyst or lipoma. Please be aware the out of the pocket fee is the fee on top of medicare rebate.